One Seam Flying Geese

One Seam Flying Geese is a simple way to achieve the same look as the traditional Flying Geese. The "geese" (red fabric) will be folded and that is the difference.  Start with two 3" squaes and one 3" x 5" rectangle as pictured.

Place one of the 3" square right side up facing you. Fold the rectangle in half placing raw edges at the bottom.

Place the other square, right side down and stitch a ¼" seam allowance on the right side. Be consistent as to what side you stitch. It's best to lay out a bunch of the fabric geese layers so that  all are facing the same direction. Should you decide to use squares of two different fabrics colors and then stitch on one side and then on the opposite side you will end up with geese not flying in the same formation!

Open and press the seam allowance to one side. Do not press the folded (red) fabric.

Open the folded geese so that it extends to each side and press in place. 

The ¼" seam allowance is included in the inititial measurements.Therefore when you stitch each unit together, all the 'geese points' will be perfect.

There are 8 geese blocks in this completed block. Notice there are no "beaks" missing a point.

Should you want to make a table runner, there are two patterns available for you to print out.

Here is a sample table runner for each pattern.