Quilts of Valor

2019/2020 promises to be a busy year for QOV's  Once we have some completed quilts, arrangements will be made  to present quilts to these individuals.  If you know of a veteran who would appreciate receiving a QOV, please contact Jane Blaise (jcbwizard@aol.com ) or Alice Raymond (alicerd@comcast.net)

2018 QOV Summary

As of the end of 2018 our Guild has presented a total of 80 Quilts of Valor, starting in 2010 when we contributed 13 to a city-wide QOV presentation at the Armory.  Of those 80 quilts, 34 have been presented at the Bedford Historical Society Veterans Day Program which we began participating in as of 2012. In 2018 we presented a total of 11 QOV’s, 6 of them contributing to that Veterans Day Program total mentioned above.    

Over the years we have had the privilege of presenting to two WWII veterans on their 100th birthday, Martin Roy in 2015 (he was 100 on Veterans Day!) and Kari McGaughey in 2017.  In 2016 we presented to two brothers and in 2017 all the recipients at the Veterans Day Program were women, two of them US Navy WW II veterans.  2018 saw presentations to 2 different father & son teams as well as a husband & wife team.


Since many of you ask me about the size requirements for QOV’s, the preferred/recommended size is 60x80 and the minimum size is 55x65.  The national organization specifications also ask for 100% cotton quilting weight fabric appropriate for an adult and no metallic or scratchy fabric.  And the final “do not” is that they do not want quilt tops or backings that are flag replicas (you can use flag printed material in the quilt, they just do not want the basic quilt design to be based on a field of stars with the alternating red and white stripes).  

Our Guild members have truly taken this Community Service project to heart and made very happy memories for many veterans and their families.  Thank you.

Background / History of QOV program participation by the Bedford Friendship Quilt Guild

We  first became involved with the Quilts Of Valor program in 2010.  At that time we completed 13 quilts, following the national QOV specifications for size, color, fabric and theme, and they were presented in a city-wide QOV event in November which included quilts from many other quilters.   The following year the Guild made 6 quilts that were displayed around the town of Bedford as a 10 year tribute memorial for 9-11-01.  These quilts were at the town library, town hall, the police and fire complex and several churches.  The year 2012 saw us presenting 7 quilts to the Veterans Hospital for new patients and one to a family member of Jane Sedrick.  This was also the year we first participated in the Bedford Veterans Day Program on November 11, presenting two quilts to the uncles of one of our members, Jane Blais.  In 2013 we donated two quilts to the NH QOV organization for an event they were presenting and again presented quilts at the Veterans Day program organized by the Bedford Historical Society.  In 2014 our output jumped as we presented a total of 9 quilts - one to the husband of a guild member, two at the June Guild meeting and 5 at the Veterans Day program.  2015 saw a jump to 14 QOV's -  five of those went to the NH QOV organization to help with a large group where they were presenting quilts, one went to a wounded veteran recuperating at Walter Reed Hospital and 7 were presented at the Veterans Day program. In 2016, we presented 7 quilts at the Veterans Day program and Pauline Gravelle presented a QOV she had made to the father of a friend.  In 2017 a total of 11 QOV's were presented.  Five of them were at the annual Veteran's Day program in November and, for the first time,  all of those recipients were women and two of them were WWII veterans.  The other 5 quilts were presented to Captain Desmond Coffee, Captain Bradley Taylor, Cpl. Paul Coppola, David Morin former US Army, Major Ryan Nugent of the US Air National Guard and Kari McGaughey, another WWII veteran whose quilt was presented to her on her 100th birthday.

2018 Quilts of Valor

A total of 11 QOV’s were presented during 2018, 6 of them at the annual Verterans Day Program in November and 5 others throughout the year. The recipients were:

  • Christopher Loughin

  • Hugh Worden - US Marines (brother of our own Ginnie Tenney)

  • Andrew Worden - US Marines (son of Hugh and nephew of Ginny Tenney)

  • Andrew Boyd - US Army

  • Boyd Bobo - US Army (father of Andrew)

  • Will cypher - US Navy

  • Herman Streitburger - US Army Air Corps, Prisoner of War in WWII

  • Geroge Munson - US Army and Army National Guard

  • Ginger Munson - US Army and Army National Guard (wife of George)