Idea on wrapping quilt for shipping

Protecting mailed quilts

This is not a tutorial, just a tip for mailing quilts. I mail out a lot of little quilts in some of the swaps here on the QB. Protecting the contents is important.

My old method was to fold the quilt up and jam into a zip lock bag, suck the air out and squash it into a mailer. Not the best way to treat a quilt. To put my latest quilt in a zip lock bag would have meant folding it several times and I really don't like doing that.

I made my own internal envelope that just fit inside the mailer and I only had to make one fold in the quilt for it to fit snugly and not shift around in the mailer.

My solution:
Cut the paper big enough to fold over and just be inside the dimensions of the mailer. Press one edge together with a hot iron. I pressed about 1". Slide your quilt into the envelope and then seal the other two edges. It makes a perfect sized quilt protector and slid right into the outer mailer. The quilt is snug, and won't wiggle around.

My good thing for the week.
Hope other people can use this for all kinds of things.

I also write the to and from addresses on the freezer paper insert, just in case of a mailer fail.



The Difference Between Chain Store Fabrics and Quilter’s Grade Fabrics

When we make a quilt for that someone special, we want to make something of quality and want it to last. Some of us were probably told that we need to use quality fabric to accomplish this. Some people may be on a specific budget but there is a difference in the quality of fabric. Look for sales at your favorite quilt shops. This is a more economical way to purchase those good quality fabrics. 

Take a look at this. Something to think about.