Community Service

As part of our commitment to participate in charitable and community projects, the Guild makes and donates to Quilts of Valor and Quilts for Kids.

Several volunteers quilt many of the community service quilts on a long-arm machine. If you use this service, please prepare the top and back as required for long-arm machine quilting. Requirements include the following: The Guild has a stash of fabric that has been donated specifically for charity quilts. Use fabric from this stash and/or 100% cotton fabric from your stash to prepare the top, back, and binding. Donated fabrics are used ONLY for guild-sponsored community service projects.


One of our two community service projects is making Quilts for Kids. This project provides quilts for the children of families for various charities   We have been making quilts since before we became a guild and continue providing a tangible gift to each child.  We encourage all of our members to make a quilt so that our inventory remains in good supply.  One month recently we were given a request for 22 quilts.  Because of the generosity of our members we were able to present the 22 quilts in a timely manner.  Ideally, we try to get the quilts within a week of the request.  We also provide kits with directions when available and also batting if needed.

Recently, we changed the sizes of our quilts.  Please refer to these new sizes when you make a quilt.  Please use age appropriate fabric and prepare binding for the quilt if you are not quilting it yourself.  We have some talented long arm quilters in our guild that may quilt for you if time permits. 

0 – 6 years old:  36” x 45”           7 – 12 years old:  40”x 50”          Teen:  45” x 60”

These are approximate sizes.  They can be a bit larger if necessary.  Please wash completed quilts using a color grabber (laundry isle at the super market).  Please measure your finished quilt and pin a note with the size on it.

Caregiver's Quilts
If you make a quilt that is not suitable for Quilts for Kids, I give them out to Caregiver's for the Holiday Hope Project in December. We all have fabric that doesn't fit the kids quilt category. This is not a guild sponsored group, but a way to get quilts to others in need. I'll take any size.
Thanks, Tommi Hall

Thank you in advance for your gift of time, talent and treasure.  If you have any questions, please contact Pam Mikkola or Nancy Peach